Threat Simulation & Evaluation Systems

Our Threat Simulation and Evaluation systems use commercially available sub-systems to the greatest extent possible. Our unique design allows a precise and compact antenna/pedestal to perform better than other systems its size. A collection of multi-band transmit and receive antennas are mounted on the pedestal with power amplifiers on the pedestal's yoke arms. With precise pedestal control we leverage antenna reflector size and closely placed RF transmitters, allowing for an economically-attractive solution with high in-beam power densities.

As part of the solution, CDSI provides analytical services to ensure that our customer's technical requirements are properly addressed. We pride ourselves on elegant solutions for difficult filtering problems when the Evaluation system sensitivity may be impaired due to its vicinity to other high-power RF transmission equipment.

The system is controlled and operated via Open-Source software coordinating this multifaceted system (video tracker, waveform generator, amplifiers, RF sensors).


Test on-aircraft or shipboard Electronic Threat Response systems.

Lightweight, portable system implementations: our unique design allows very high energy on target compared to other systems of similar size.


  • 6 – 18 GHz simultaneous operation (Tx & Rx)

  • Excellent rejection for out-of-band signals

  • Emulates 5 simultaneous transmitters

  • In-line Transmitter power measurement

  • User-selectable menu of standard waveforms

  • Spectral & Time displays available

  • Complete ELINT suite available

  • Precise target range measurement options

  • Video Tracking and/or slaved operation available

  • Open-Source software controller


  • 90+ dBm ERP at 10 GHz, 104+ dBm ERP at 36 GHz

  • 5m accurate range measurement at 20 Km

  • 70+ Km operation against specific Threat Response Systems

  • Receive operation in the presence of 1 MW Radar 30 mtrs away, within 600 MHz.

  • 30 deg/sec slaved operation in very dynamic scenarios with <.2 deg RMS pointing error

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