Telemetry Environment Simulator


Our Telemetry Environment Simulator (TES) product is a system level tool that was designed to allow testing of fully integrated pedestal/servo/controller systems with reflector antennas. The TES records the system response to standard as well as custom target scenarios and allows the test engineer to analyze and optimize outcome as needed. The TES uses its own angle pick-off that is independent of the pedestal's so the test mechanism is non-invasive to the customer's system.


Slave Functionality Test and Characterization

The same scenario information can be channeled as pointing angles through a link (ethernet, RS 232, 422, 485 or other, with flexible protocol). The TES again 'keeps score' by comparing the pedestal response with the slaving information that was generated.


Autotrack Functionality Test

Using the TES, the test engineer can set up stressing tracking scenarios through an intuitive GUI. The custom scenario converts to an interactive interchange with the System Under Test (SUT). The TES scenario creates a dynamic target (with multipath and fade control) from operator inputs and provides appropriate AGC signals to the Antenna Control Unit. Signal flexibility includes legacy Con-scan feeds as well as E-scan and SCM feeds (control signals emanating from either the feed or the ACU).

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