Antenna Control Units


The Antenna Control Units (ACU) are based on a Linux operating system in an Open Source environment. The UI is an ergonomic amalgamation of analog, digital and control buttons. The combination of operating system and programming languages are well matched to the selected platform, making this a very efficient processing entity. The processing bandwidth of the ACU far exceeds the most stringent antenna/pedestal system requirements.We also supply a relational database to aid the operator with fast setup of previously run missions.

The tracking demodulation is FPGA based and supports a variety of manual or electronic scan modulations. This demodulator allows for full control/calibration of all receiver AM signals (up to 16 independent receiver input) via the software tools/menus. We can either generate the lobing signals used for SCM feeds or accept the “top-dead-center” synchronization signal from a Conical Scanner feed. The result is a high bandwidth tracking response which is not limited by the demodulator.

Remote control and multiple remote viewing instances of the Local ACU are standard features of all our ACUs. The administrative user has the capability of managing the remote viewing and control of any Local ACUs.

The ACUs accept slave data from multiple interfaces, and supports inter-ACU communication on the same network. This allows for antennas to slave to the system with the best tracking opportunity.

Various ACU systems are available, including pointers, RF trackers, video trackers, … The CDSI ACU has been adapted to many manufacturer's pedestals and controllers. The ACU can either completely replace any type of pedestal controller or connect to existing controller via Ethernet and provide an updated homogeneous system.

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